Random Thought: What if we had witnessed Walter West’s Return?

Maybe a Theory, or Maybe a Possibility; What if Walter West returned in Heroes in Crisis?

Credit: DC Comics

Heads up Fellow Comic Fans SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!! But, If you haven’t read DC’s latest event Heroes In Crisis or you’re one of the many Wally West Fans feeling betrayed or ready to pull your hair out at the reveal of the murderer, then let I lay a theory on you all; What if we’re seeing a parallel version of a familiar hero?

Who is Walter West?

The Dark Flash: “Walter West”
Credit: DC Comics

In 1999, Part Six of the Chain Lightning Story Arc of The Flash; Wally found himself stuck in the past, and to make things worse he was stuck in Anti-Monitor’s Anti-Universe during Crisis on Infinite Earths. He tried to do the same thing trick that Barry did of stopping the Anti-Monitor’s machine how Barry did so after racing back in time Wally saves Barry from being killed by the Blue Flame; fixing time and destroys the Blue Flame by racing it around the world; going so Fast that Wally becomes part of the Speed Force. Then a little while later, a new Speedster appears in Keystone City; Walter West. Walter is a parallel version of Wally, his fight with Kobra led to the loss of Linda Park. He could not do what Wallace did and save his Linda; Walter was driven mad with grief at her loss, embarked on a life of brutal enforcement against criminals crippling many until he encounters Wally and his Linda. Believing them dead, he traveled to their timeline to take Wally’s place.

Why would he be here now?

If you recall the events of Flash War, we had seen Barry trying to stop Wally from breaking the speed force, a plan thought up of by Hunter Zolomon, known as Zoom, he tricked Wally into believing that his family was trapped in the Speed Force. Barry tried to stop Wally from making the same mistakes he did in saving his mother (Flashpoint), the two speedsters heard a loud crack and boom! The Force Barrier was broken, there was no sign of the family Wally yearned for. Now going into Heroes of Crisis; we saw that Wally was beginning to make progress on his recovery and from the looks of it he was turning a corner.. Until tragedy struck and from the looks of it we hear Wally describe his struggles to find peace at Sanctuary, how he felt that the whole thing may be a ruse to make him feel like he’s not alone, that other heroes struggle, too. But when putting the pieces together the deleted intake interviews and learns the full scope of his community’s pain, he says, “It broke me.” Wally loses control of the Speed Force within him and accidentally kills all of the other heroes at Sanctuary — all but Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, whom Wally then manipulates into blaming each other for the massacre.

The Speedforce story doesn’t add up.

Credit: DC Comics

Sorry guys, but I don’t buy the whole “My Powers Broke” logic, There is something bigger at work here; Wally mentioned that at the beginning of Rebirth and with The Flash Legacy and Mythos there is that possibility that something or someone else is in play. I have grown up reading about Wally’s life and have seen him do some crazy stuff with his power and what he’s capable of. If the Speed Force was not working right for him then Bart would have felt it and so would Barry.

Until the Final issue of Heroes In Crisis comes out this is just a theory and My thoughts on this event. Have different thoughts about it?