Uncanny X-Men ‘Disassembled’ Review, Part Two: Legion Collapsed!

In our last review of the Uncanny X-Men, we discussed the beginning of the story, the hunt for Kitty Pryde and the ones responsible for the disappearance of Senator Allen and now Apocalypse. Now we’ll get down to the brass tacks, we’ll begin our review for the whole Disassembled Story Arc.

Prepare for Battle! Review and Spoilers ahead!

Some would say the story feels rushed or dense but amongst it was a battle for the ages, as most of the current X-Men stories have been put in. This event had everything, from dinosaurs, attacking a rural area in Kansas, a similar incident happening in Montana which leads up to a huge wave of Multiple-Men invading a press conference in New York at City Hall; it left us asking, who is pulling the strings? Come to find out it was a blast from the past, an X-Man (I use the term and Code Name loosely in this case) from a different timeline. Nate Grey, a different version of Nate Summers (or Cable, a man with a very complicated backstory.) Grey’s timeline comes from crazy, out of this world reality that was created by a Psychic Meltdown from a Mutant who plays a role in this story too named Legion, that Reality was The Age Of Apocalypse.

Credit: Marvel

Dead doesn’t always mean Dead in comics these days, but we have Nate Grey coming back to the land of the living and Main timeline with this notion that he is on a righteous mission to save the universe, but wait, True Believers, Legion is on the same mission too! One that he presented the new class of X-Men that Kitty Pryde was training. Nate remade himself as Apocalypse almost, except in this case he brainwashed Magneto, Omega Red, Angel, Storm and The Blob making them his “Horsemen of Salvation”. Legion caught a vision of Nate’s plans and decides to rally the X-Men to fight against Nate and his followers.

Could have been a simple Battle, between two powerful mutants with their teams, but that wasn’t the case when Nate took over Legion via Psychic Possession! With the help of every psychic, that was on hand in the battle helping Jean battle Nate, infiltrating his mind and forcing him to separate from Legion, with X-Man’s last ounce of power he destroyed all of the X-Men! With the X-Men gone, the narration is vague and this gave the Anti-Mutant activists what they had been asking for. With the return of Cyclops, we see him trying to put the pieces back together, and a plan to undo the apparent psychic genocide that Nate unleashed.

Credit: Marvel

The event itself feels like a combination of two events crammed into one new one, Age Of Apocalypse and House of M. Not saying it is, just a certain feel due to the mutant race starting to thin out; In a way with the story felt rushed and the climax of the battle ending in a predictable end I can see why it frustrates the reader, in some ways it can cause the reader to want to read more or just skip it all together. The artwork is great throughout this story arc, the writing is good, but needs to work on not to rush the story so much. Probably a time frame problem due to Marvel Head office, but will not blame the creative team or the art team on this. Overall, I think it still is a good read for fans of Legion or Jean Grey. Same with X-Man.

Final Grade: 6.3 out of 10

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