A New Challenger Approaches in Dragon Ball Heroes!

So Episode 9 continues the Universal Conflict: Dawn of War arc, the battle was taken to Universe 11, where Vegeta and Future Trunks are in the middle of a battle with Evil twin Androids, Oren and Kamin of the Core Area Warriors!

But unfortunately for Trunks, the Neo Machine Mutant Truffles have the ability to possess bodies of other fighters- a power that Oren used against Vegeta, now he is a powerful host in the Prince’s body! Now the combined assault of Vegren (Vegeta/Oren) and the evil Saiyan known as Cumber proves to be more than Future Trunks and Jiren to handle, here comes the classic savior moment we’ve grown accustomed to, its Goku! But wait, something is different about him, he is a Grand Priest! Brought in by the Grand Priest of Angels to help the warriors.