New Releases for February 27th, Red’s Comic and Manga picks of the week!

That time again ladies and gents! Here is a list of what is coming your way this week!

Red’s Hot Picks!

Synopsis: Secrets are revealed and new mysteries emerge as Derek uncovers his mother’s killer and the origins of his powers in this, the final chapter of his story, for now.

Red: Sideways has been one of the big break out books that spun out of the Metalverse, though it has had complaints by fans that it is a blatant Spider-Man rip-off. It started off slow and then began to pick up speed if you’re looking for fun and a crazy trip through Space rifts then this is for you! My hope is that Sideways can meet up with the Teen Titans someday.


Red: With Fans reeling from the loss of one of their favorite Marvel Netflix shows and the apparent new billboards in NYC, thankfully they can still fall back on Zdarsky’s run of the Man without Fear, this coming after Charles Soule’s run which was a huge hit with the fans. After reading the first issue, it was clear to see it is in safe hands with Chip, I say this because he shows his handle on Matt’s voice and mindset on a traumatic recovery.

Synopsis: Gotham Girl has SNAPPED! After being manipulated by Batman and the Sanctuary Program, she’s determined to make Heroes and Crisis look like a cakewalk compared to the carnage she’ll unleash!

Red: We’ve been watching the Price getting higher and higher with each issue the past few weeks; with Gotham-Girl pulling out all the stops in what is considered to be a fool’s errand, can the Caped Crusader and the Scarlet Speedster stop from destroying Central City? Joshua Williamson and the artistic team have been knocking it out of the park with this story!

Synopsis: The newly-assembled Power Rangers put everything on the line to win the battle but now a war has
begun…and it’s one they never anticipated! But if Grace thought her new team had time, she’s wrong – the universe itself is collapsing!

Red: I have been hearing a lot of good things about this series, the Shattered Grid arc shook the Power Ranger Mythos and their worlds, Marguerite Bennett is one of the best writers out there, if you’re not familiar with her work I would suggest checking out Marvel, or DC Comics, such as DC Bombshells, or her creator-owned project InSexts from AfterShock Comics.

Synopsis: The reimagining of Joss Whedon’s groundbreaking series continues as Drusilla, the self-proclaimed
Mistress and her pet, Spike, make their debut with their sights set on Buffy! Meanwhile, Giles is determined to teach Buffy about her destiny, responsibility, blah blah…can someone tell him to chill? How bad can it get? Welcome back to the Hellmouth!

Red: Those were the days, growing up in the late 90s, it was one of the most talked about programs when I was growing up, had a pretty big fanbase. Another title from Boom! Studios that has had fans talking, Jordie Bellaire, A colorist who is known for her work in several Comic Book publications such as DC, Marvel, and Image. Her work on Vertigo’s ‘The Wake’ earned her the prestigious Eisner Award back in 2014, Jordie is the writer of this series and from what I have heard about the first issue based off the reviews and several local comic shops, it is a big hit! On recommendation by the fans, this is one of the HOT picks to keep a eye out for!

•  The biggest AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story of the year starts next month, so don’t miss this prologue!
•   The Kraven thread gets woven into Spider-Man’s life in a terrifying way that puts Spidey on the road to ruin!

Red: One of the biggest, most iconic battles is about to begin again, and with Kraven on the prowl, Spidey will have his work cut out for him! He thought his days of being hunted were over with after The Last Hunt but he was sadly mistaken! Nick Spencer took over after Dan Slott moved onto Fantastic Four and Tony Stark: Iron-Man.

Red’s Hot Manga Picks

Synopsis: HIGHER LEARNING Now that Cartaphilus has chosen to enter a long slumber, peace has finally returned to the little cottage west of London. But it’s not long before a message arrives for Chise: an invitation to join the college, a society of alchemists. Deep beneath the British Library, the curtain rises on a new story set on a new stage. There, human children learn, think, and grow…but what of those who are inhuman?

Red: With waiting for a Season two confirmation for its Anime Counterpart, fans of the Magus’ Bride can read Volume 9 while they wait. With the anime being a hit amongst Crunchyroll and the Dub that was handled by Funimation, fans can pick up the newly released Part One of the hit anime on Blu-Ray, which is in stores now!

Synopsis: Shogo and his party continue their trek up the mountain. At the summit, the dragon that killed his sister awaits. The group’s perseverance has earned them a spot on the raid team, but the respect of Randolph, the raid’s leader, is another matter entirely. All is silent… and then suddenly, the dragon is upon them. Throwing caution to the wind, the adventurers pelt the creature with arrows, spells, and strikes, but their efforts are in vain. In an instant, the team is decimated. Randolph orders the few who escape the beast’s wrath to retreat, but one man remains, standing tall amid the falling snow…

Red: Recently we have seen a new anime prologue come up for FF XV, but if you enjoy a good read like I do then Final Fantasy: The Lost Stranger is for you!