In an effort to win back younger viewers, Nickelodeon Chief plans more ‘Spongebob’ Spin offs.


Brian Robbins, who was named Nickelodeon President back in October has been spending months working on filling the programming pipeline with new shows, him and the other executives coming to realize that they are losing their target audience to Youtube videos and Netflix via their smartphones. His goal might seem simple to some but due to today’s age of technology is to make a hit show that they will seek out on any screen. In an interview with Variety Robbins pointed out that younger viewers adapting to streaming and smartphones in recent years. He mentioned, “if you make content and shows that kids want to watch then they will show up for it.

The statement does fall on deaf ears in some cases, I share for example a list of shows that list television shows that were adored by fans but given a quick brush off by the Viacom-owned cable channel. The list is provided by TvTropes. Nickelodeon Animation studios is a place to work for artists and animators but it has had issues with Executives at the Cable network. Nickelodeon faces a tremendous challenge already with their rating slump, their channel’s fortunes are central to their earnings; which Robbins knows is crucial to fix immediately.


Brian Robbins goes onto saying that big changes must be made to address the change in its audience’s viewing habits.

“The cable model was a rinse-and-repeat model. Today we live in a binge-viewing world. Give me a fresh show. Give me another fresh show. I want to watch it, eat it up, and go on to the next show,” Robbins said. “What used to be OK was having one or two hits, then making a zillion episodes of them, and then repeating them. That was enough to satisfy the kid audience because they didn’t have a choice. I think today we need to make a volume of quality franchises, but not necessarily feed a million episodes of those shows. We need to keep a constant number of new shows coming, and not necessarily make one show with 80 episodes.”

Brian Robbins.

Credit: Variety

Robbins being no stranger to Nickelodeon or what it takes to make it in the industry, he was co-creator and producer of the popular comedy show All-That and many of its spin-off shows, including work on other networks, such as the WB/CW ‘s Smallville and One Tree Hill. He went onto founding the teen-focused factory AwesomenessTV but of course that was acquired by Viacom.


The decision to broaden the “Spongebob” brand was a surprise to some, even though it has been a staple of Nickelodeon since 1999 it has multiple generations of fans to reach. He went onto describing Spongebob as their “Marvel Universe”, eager to explore the other characters of the series stating there was ample room to give one of their characters their own stand alone story, or a back story.

For more information on what Nickelodeon has in store for their channel, please head over to Variety for more information.

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