Gotham Girl goes bad? “The Price” storyline continues in a preview of The Flash Issue #64

You recall that the Scarlet Speedster and the Caped Crusader were still reeling from the aftermath of the tragedy at Sanctuary, but now they find themselves investigating a explosive attack that ties close into the current Heroes in Crisis event.

Claire Clover, the heroine who put on the cape and mask along with her Brother Gotham back at the beginning of the Batman Rebirth era, her and her brother fell under the spell of Psycho Pirate’s power or emotion manipulation but shortly after due to Psycho Pirate’s power and his own meta-powers side effect, Gotham died while Gotham Girl mourned the loss of her brother and took time to heal from Pirate’s powers. But it doesn’t explain why she attacked public property, we know that her attack on the Flash Museum was unclear and a mystery but we know its for something to do with her Once-Dead brother… To bring him back to life!

In a preview over at DC’s website, we find the mystery of Gotham Girl’s actions go deeper, we find The Flash and Batman ready to hunt down the unpredictable meta-human.

Be sure to check back for a review of both issues this week! Same Bat time, Same Bat Site! That is a Flash Fact.