Reports show that Hayao Miyazaki and his son are currently working on two new Studio Ghibli films.

Credit: Studio Ghibli

Recently Hayao Miyazaki, the master of family movies and animation is back to work on a new movie for his workplace, Studio Ghibli but this time it is with a new addition to his team. It has been reported that his son Gorō Miyazaki is also working on a film of his own.

Hayao Miyazaki

You may recall, in 2013 when Hayao Miyazaki first announced that he was going to retire; fans of his movies and animation mourned the end of the Elder animator’s career which his retirement didn’t last long, in 2016 he declared that he couldn’t stay away from the artist table and was beginning to work on his new film titled “How Do You Live?“. His other work we are familiar with is “Kiki’s Delivery Service“, ” My Neighbor Totaro“, “Ponyo“, and “Spirited Away” these that are listed are some of his greatest Masterpieces and that one won an Academy Award for the best animated feature, also went on to become Japan’s highest grossing film. The Elder Artist’s work is renown and loved across the world, his son also started showing the same aptitude.

Even though the relationship the two have has been described as strained, Gorō Miyazaki began working at his father’s company in 2000, designing the storyboard and moving forward to directing the 2006 animated feature “Tales of the Earthsea” which is based off a book by Ursula K. Le Guin. Later on, Gorō went onto directing another film for Studio Ghibli in 2011 “From up on Poppy Hill” this time, however, he was working close to his father who was the screenwriter of the film.

Gorō Miyazaki

According to the founder of the production company called Wild Bunch, Vincent Manaval says the two are working on two films of their own for Studio Ghibli. Manual has often worked and collaborated with the Elder Miyazaki had the inside scoop. He had this to say on the project.

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