My Hero Academia’s world expanding past Japan.

If you have read the manga or watch the anime then you are very familiar with the epic battles and the intense world building the past year but it stayed within Japan (with the exception of the island getaway of course!) But fans like you and me of this shonen series try not to stray too far from Tokyo but in the latest chapter of the spin-off series it takes readers far away from Japan!

In the past, China did get referenced in the series’ canon, but Hong Kong was not on the map then. Qing Qing City was the destination in mind as the fictional locale is said to be the birthplace of modern Quirks. The first baby recorded with powers came from the little village, and Quirks became commonplace from that point forward.

Outside of China, two other countries have been seen in My Hero Academia. But in the franchise’s first film, the United States of America was seen briefly in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. The sovereign island nation, I Island, was also introduced in the film.

My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi

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